PKP Ep. 99 – It’s The End Of 2019! Goals, Systems And Why You Should Reflect On Your Year

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Well, it’s that time of the year again. At this point in 2018, we did a podcast about how to set up goals and systems. This time, we talk more about that topic and also talk about the importance of reflection.

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  1. Hi Barrett, I enjoy listening to your podcast especially when you have guests. I loved loved loved the Cory episode last February!!
    One thing that has bothered me though is the goals verses systems debate. I don’t think you can have one without the other. You can set goals but not put in place systems to achieve the goals and you can have systems in place but what are systems without a goal? It’s blind ambition. You must have both goals and systems in order to progress and get better. They go hand in hand. I’m not sure I agree with what you said about the chance of failing if you set goals. Yes one could set a goal to win gold at a level way above what they are playing. That would be an unrealistic goal. The proper way to set goals is to have short term and long term. Personally my recent short term goal was to win a match at the 4.5 level. My long term goal is to win a gold at 4.5. I have reached my short term goal. And now have set a new short term goal of winning 2 matches at 4.5. Baby steps. And if I never win a gold in 4.5 I don’t consider that a failure at all. Because I am trying my best and working hard at my “systems“/my personal plan to achieve it. Trying and working toward something is never a failure in my opinion. It could just be that ones athletic ability has peaked at a certain level. There are always other factors involved in why one can’t get to the level or goal that they hoped or dreamed of. It’s not a failure if you can’t or don’t ever reach it. Only is not setting goals because of fear of failing a true fail. Does that make sense? Thanks and hope to play someday with you and Jana! You will have to come check out our facility in Michigan once we open this summer. Eddie and Webby will be there quite a bit since I’m good friends with them 🙂

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