PKP Ep. 80 – The Daily Show, The Future, And Where Pickleball Is Going

Barrett KincheloePodcast 3 Comments

We begin today’s episode with a few rules clarifications from the last episode and I respond to some emails and comments I’ve gotten from listeners. Thanks for your comments!

We also talk about the future of pickleball. I saw something amazing the other night which I talk about in the podcast. To say the least, I’m very excited about where it’s going.

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  1. Hey Barrett,
    In the written description and at the end of the show you said Daily Show, but earlier in the show you were talking about the Today Show. I assume that is what you meant? Happy Picklin.


    1. Post
  2. I look forward to your podcasts each week. I appreciate the encouragement to players like me who might not be advancing as quickly as they’d like. Of course, I love the tips and strategic advice. Thank you!

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