PKP Ep. 20 – The Joys Of Pickleball And Important Updates!

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Welcome to the 20th episode of the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast! This is a very important episode because of some significant updates coming to the Pickleball Kitchen world. Let’s just say that we’re going to be releasing more episodes. Give it a listen to get the full details.

The main topic for today is the joy of pickleball. We want to give people who are new to the game the full rundown of why pickleball is so amazing. Barrett and Jana go in depth of what makes pickleball so fun, why it’s so social and what all the benefits are. If you know anyone who wants to get into pickleball, send them this episode!

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  1. Another great podcast, Barrett and Jana. You were talking about the health benefits of pickleball. My wife and I have been playing for about 1½ years. My wife has osteoporosis (we are in our mid-60s). Every bone density test showed an increase in her osteoporosis (loss of bone density). However, her last test showed that it has not only stopped progressing, it has actually reversed! One more point improvement and she will move from having osteoporosis to “pre-osteoporosis” or osteopenia. We are pretty active and the ONLY thing that she is doing different is playing pickleball 2 or 3 times a week!

    1. Post

      Hey John, thanks for writing in. That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you guys. Does the doctor think that the improvement in her condition is coming from pickleball?

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