PKP Ep. 17 – Pickleball Technique – How To Do The Third Shot Drop

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In this episode of the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast, Barrett and Jana go into detail about the third shot drop and why it’s so important. They cover all of the details about the third shot drop including why it’s a crucial shot to learn, how to execute it and how to get better at it.

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  1. in one game,we had a volley,the last player hit a volley,the ball went over owe head,and landed in court.but then the guy that hit the volley, walk into the n.v.z. i called a fault,even if the ball landed in court,was it fault?

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      If the momentum from his volley is what caused him to step into the kitchen, then it is indeed a fault. But if he had already reset his stance, then it’s not a fault.

  2. Barrett, just wanted to say thanks to both you & Jana for taking the time to detail the idea of ‘stacking’. Congrats too to Jana on her recent successes in tournament play!

    Your discussion of when/why stacking is used — mostly in mixed competitions vs rec play — was both helpful and clearly outlined.

    The topics you folks cover both on your website as well as the podcasts are an absolutely fabulous resource for everyone from novices to advanced skilled players. Thanks SO MUCH for what the is providing! I want to believe that the helps provided are greatly assisting many in their journeys into the highly entertaining and addictive game of pickleball. Your discussions and postings have helped me & thanks again!

    Richard S.
    British Columbia, Canada

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