PKP Ep. 122 w/ CJ Johnson – Teaching, Game Design, Mental Game, And More!

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  1. Even pro pickleball players get down on themselves. They may internalize it at time but it is there. In Tysons latest podcast 14; he said what does it take to win a point, you hit overhead after overhead only for the ball to come back. Speaking of playing the Newmans. Towards the end he also speaks about how frustrating it is to have Ben copy plan and use it against you in the same game.

  2. I could only hear both CJ and you. I wish I could watch a video of you two.
    I’m a visual learner. I’ve been playing for about 4 years now. I might be a 3.5
    player but really don’t know. I love to learn new strategies and love playing pickleball.

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