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PKP Ep. 004 – How A Positive Attitude Can Improve Your Game

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Welcome back to another episode of the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast!


  • Why is it important to have a good attitude on the court?
  • How do we stop beating ourselves and focus on positive language instead?
  • Why you should think twice about your warm-up routine

Did you know that a positive attitude can drastically change the way you play pickleball? In this episode of the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast, I talk about what a positive mindset can do for you on the court and how to achieve a great attitude.

I also go into a few details about warm-up routines before playing.

Thanks for listening!

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Comments 2

  1. This podcast hits at the center of my mindset as I frequently react to my errors with, “how stupid can you be?” And it always comes out loud. Your solution really helped and I have been trying this approach for the last few days. First, I am just a recreational player and gave up tournaments a few years ago. I play in the mornings for several hours and manage to get in about 6 to 8 games. But I am very competitive as are the folks I play with. I tweaked your suggestion a bit by merely keeping track of the number of third drop shots I miss in each game. So on a miss, all I say is one and then move on. Next miss, two, etc. It allows me to not dwell on the “why” during the game so I can focus on the next point. I do know how to hit the shot correctly and in warmups, I am a legend in my own mind. We all know how that doesn’t always translate into that same level of success once the game starts.

    My goal is to reduce my “total miss number” in the next game. That’s it. In between games, I can analyze the why if necessary. After the day is over I try and keep track of the total and to work to reduce that number the next day.

    Thanks for helping me deal with the ongoing war in my head. Since following your suggestions, I can feel my confidence level increase and I’m much more at peace with myself and enjoying the game more. Much better than the loud verbal outbursts that have occasionally embarrassed me and those I play with.

  2. hello barrett, i am enjoying your website. i have been playing pickleball now for 3 years. i have played with 16 different paddles and am hooked on selkirk. i play with the s2 amped! just recently ordered the prince response to try it out. love your podcast on “attitude!” plan to check the book out, “the power of why!.” i am taking notes from your website and gaining more ammunition to becoming a more competitive player. do you travel around and give clinics? i had a clinic with mark renneson and loved it! i walked away with some valuable insights from him! i add the third shot drop to my warm-ups. keep up the great work! i look forward to your weekly newsletter. pickle on! anna desrocher

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