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  1. I severely rolled my right ankle 25+ years ago, and messed up the ligaments to the point where I could never play any kind of lateral movement sport without some sort of ankle brace; in fact my ankle sometimes rolls just walking! I have been using Ektio (indoor) basketball shoes for a number of years to play pickleball, and have NEVER rolled my ankle. The reason is that they have ‘outriggers’ on the outer edge of the shoes (forefoot & heel), and straps to lock your foot in place. They have herringbone treads on the entire sole, which gives the best traction on an indoor court; I have NEVER slipped on the court in these shoes! There are video reviews of this amazing shoe still on the internet, though this shoe has been discontinued. I bought a dozen pairs when I found out the Ektio company was going out of business, so I’m good for a few more years before I have to switch to something else. So why am I mentioning a discontinued shoe? To use these shoes, and the video reviews as an guide, to find other similar shoes that are made today, that will give the same kind of ankle support, and traction that the Ektio basketball shoes did. There are sports shoes made today that have an outrigger on the forefoot; you may have to look at the shape of the extended outer forefoot to see it, and some have herringbone soles, which will give the best indoor traction of all soles. There are a few that have a velcro ankle strap, which give added support. I have found that you cannot trust the velcro straps to stay locked-down when playing hard, so I use electrical tape, and wrap the tape over the straps, and around the shoe, to make sure they hold securely.

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