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  1. What if I poach a ball at the NZV and my partner runs into me and pushes me into the NVZ? is this a fault? Not my momentum from the shot that forced me in. When is the shot over?

  2. Please clarify this situation for me. Me opponent hit a very short soft shot that was either not going to clear the net or definitely would land in the kitchen. If I stay back and it clears the net and lands in kitchen, there is no way I can hit it back in time. But I knew if it makes it over it will land in kitchen. So I stepped into kitchen and the ball hit the very top of net but did not come over. They said you were in kitchen – a fault. So I guess I was just S.O.L. either way because if it gets over net, I could not wait back until it bounces but I could not step in kitchen either. Correct?

    1. You can be in the kitchen anytime, you just can’t volley a ball from the kitchen without re-establishing outside of the kitchen first with both feet. Simply being in the kitchen is not a fault.

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