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  1. This is excellent. I have incorporated a “swing thought” and that is to “toss” the ball. It is like your follow through, but it hit me when I was trying to toss something across the room into a trash can. I was amazed at how i could toss various objects with different weights so accurately, without practice. When you do this, you feel the weight or resistance in your hand and adjust the toss accordingly. For me, with a 3 SD, the area the ball strikes my of the paddle is the feel of how heavy the ball is. If hit off center a bit, i have to put more effort into the “toss”. This forces follow through and alot less balls go short.

    I have followed you since the beginning, and you and i are on the same glide path of learning. I’m a UPTR of 4 and will start playing in tournaments at 4.5 this spring. I like the way you have evolved, i really can identify with that. In the beginning i didn’t know what i didn’t know, but i am getting woke.

    Had to laugh at your “take what you like and leave the rest comment”, it is right out of the “12 step” handbook, through which i helped a friend with addiction. Very fitting for PB.

    Keep up the good work, really enjoy you two.

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