Howdy! I'm Barrett Kincheloe!

I'm the guy behind Pickleball Kitchen. Since June 2017, I've been creating written, visual and audio pickleball content for the world to engage with.


It started when I turned 30

A lot of things changed when I turned 30 back in July of 2016. First, I could no longer call people in their 30's "old", but I could now call people in their 20's "kids".

I'd say that's a fair trade-off.

But another thing that changed is that my body started to tell me that it was time to start exercising. I mean, I was 30 so I'm "old", remember?

Well, as someone in their 20's would do, I procrastinated for 7 months and did absolutely nothing. Classic!

That was until I asked my Mom to teach me how to play pickleball. After that, everything changed.


It can change yours too.


A brief history.

I started playing pickleball in late February of 2017. My mom took me to the courts to go play with some of her friends. You know how the rest goes.

Within 5 minutes I was hooked.

About a month after that, I started a completely unknown Wordpress blog called Pickleball Genie. That was the beginning of it all.

I've always loved writing. I was that kid in high school that loved writing papers. I loved explaining, guiding and teaching people how things work. Pickleball Genie was a way for me to get some of that writing out of me and onto the screen. It was great at first, but I quit soonafter. At that point in time, I was working on another business that was failing miserably. I decided to put Pickleball Genie on the backburner for awhile until June 2017.

When summer came around, I thought it would be a good idea to get some office space. I found Common Desk to be the perfect fit for me, so I moved in and have been there ever since. But one Friday, I was looking at domain names for this pickleball blog that I really wanted to start and one caught my eye. The domain was called

I remember this one being taken back when I started Pickleball Genie. I immediately bought the domain, spent 2 hours on a support call getting things set up and transferred over from the old site to the new one.

That was the beginning of Pickleball Kitchen.

As the other business failed more, my interest in Pickleball Kitchen gained. I started working on it more often and on the weekends. Then came one of the best decisions I've ever made. I started the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast in early August 2017.

The podcast changed a lot because people were able to put a voice to my writings. Soon after, my co-host Jana Lightfoot joined the show and things really took off from there.

In April 2018 I finally began the YouTube channel. I had been thinking about doing this for many, many months but never started it. It was time! Starting the YouTube channel really rounded out the types of content that I produce for my audience. I like to call it the trifecta of written, audio and visual!

Pickleball Kitchen has been a full time gig for me for over a year now. It has totally changed my life. Back in spring of 2017, I never imagined any of this happening. Just the thought of people coming to my site to read, listen and watch what it is that I have to say is utterly mindblowing. So, thank you! Thanks for taking the time to read through this and thanks for being awesome!