Recommended Sets and Bundles

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for a spousal team or family to get into pickleball is to buy a pickleball set or bundle. It saves time, money and a few more clicks on the internet. But the big problem with buying sets and bundles is that it’s hard to know what kind of quality you’re getting. I’m here to help you out and recommend some sets and bundles for you.

If you don’t know me at this point, I’m obsessed with pickleball and I’m especially obsessed with pickleball gear. I love looking at new products, trying new paddles and doing reviews on them. In other words, I know what I’m doing. Below are some of my top picks for pickleball sets and bundles that give you the most explosive start to pickleball without watching your wallet fly away into the distance. Let’s get started.

Important note: please be aware that most sets and bundles use cheaper paddles in order to make them affordable. If you’re looking for the highest quality paddles, please go here.

Should you buy a pickleball set or bundle?

Before we get into the products, I want to talk about the differences between sets and bundles. It’s simple. Pickleball sets are a complete package of pickleball equipment that includes 4 paddles, a net, net bag, balls and sometimes other goodies. On the other hand, pickleball bundles typically only come with paddles, balls and maybe some paddle covers. Pickleball paddle bundles are significantly cheaper than pickleball sets because they don’t come with nets.

The biggest reason why people buy pickleball sets is that they need the net and paddles at the same time for a specific location. If you don’t need the net, then there’s typically no reason to buy a pickleball set and you can look at paddle bundles instead.

Having said that, full pickleball sets are great for families with children who are getting into pickleball for the first time. They’re also great for people with multiple properties, locations or venues where their pickleball obsession needs to be properly supplied. Hey, I feel you. We don’t judge here at Pickleball Kitchen.

On the other hand, paddle bundles are great for spouses, siblings or co-workers getting into the game together. Having a friend or family member go with you to the courts for the first time can ease fears of being a beginner. Might as well save some money in the process!

The big difference between buying a set and buying a bundle is the net. This makes up the majority of the cost. So if you’re in the market for something like this, figuring out if you want the net or not will probably be the deciding factor for which one to go with. For most people, getting a paddle bundle is the most popular choice.

Things to know when buying a pickleball set

Buying pickleball paddle bundles is easy because you can just look at the individual paddles to figure out what you want. But buying a set is different. Sometimes, pickleball sets come with a bunch of different stuff that you may be unfamiliar with. Here are the two main things that you should look out for:

  1. Quality of the net.
  2. Quality of the paddles.

Here’s the first thing to understand: out of all the pickleball sets that I recommend, all of them will have a high-quality net. So there’s no need to worry about that. In terms of paddles, I will go over each one so that you can fully understand what you’re getting. Spoiler alert, all of the paddles are beginner-friendly. I’ll guide you through the rest.

Tips for storing your pickleball sets

There are a few general rules for storing your pickleball sets. How you store your paddles and balls don’t matter as much. However, the net needs extra care. Never leave your net outdoors for extended periods of time, especially for days at a time. When you’re done playing pickleball, make sure you take the net down and store indoors. You definitely don’t want the elements to have their way with it.

Also, be careful when you’re taking down the net. Remove the net posts from the base one post at a time to keep it from stretching too much. After that, roll the net up and place it carefully in the bag. Taking these measures will ensure that the net lasts for a very long time.

When it comes to the paddles, you can put them in a regular bag and they’ll be fine. They’re pretty tough!

On to the products!

Best “bang for your buck” pickleball set

Rally Tyro 2 set (Check prices)

What’s included:

  • 4 Rally Tyro 2 paddles
  • 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System
  • Net bag
  • 4 indoor JUGS pickleballs
  • Rules sheet

This is one of the most affordable, yet high quality sets available at the moment. This is a great set to get started with without seeing your budget go up in flames.

Like I said earlier, the net included in this set is one of the best that you can buy. It’s extremely high quality and will last for a long time as long as you take care of it. Read the tips in the previous section for more on that.

There are 4 paddles included in this set in order to get you started in doubles pickleball right away. The paddle is called the Rally Tyro 2 and it’s made by Pickleball Central. This paddle is designed for one thing: to be a great paddle for beginners. And it is.

But it’s not just great for beginners, it’s great for kids as well! The reason is that the paddle is very light. The average weight for this paddle comes in around 6.7 – 7 oz. For pickleball paddles, this is considered to be “light”. For kids, it will be average weight for them, which is perfect! If you’re looking for a great set for the whole family, this is it. It will give you a great start in pickleball without having to spend too much money. Keep in mind that these paddles are most likely not USAPA approved. This means that if you want to start playing competitively, you will have to buy a new paddle. Go here to check out some that I recommend.

Most affordable option

Kanga Set (Check prices)

  • 4 wooden Kanga paddles
  • The 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System
  • Net bag
  • 4 indoor JUGS pickleballs
  • Rules sheet

The Kanga pickleball set is great for people who need a cheap set for occasional use or as a gift.

The Kanga pickleball is one of the cheapest pickleball sets that you can buy, but it still comes with all the goodies. Like I said earlier, cheap sets like these are great as a gift or for a summer home that won’t see much pickleball play.

The net that comes with this set is the same as the last set. It’s one of the best sets that you can buy and is of excellent quality.

The paddle in this set is what makes it different. The Kanga paddle is a cheap, wooden paddle made by Pickleball Central. It’s designed to be one of the cheapest pickleball paddles around for absolute beginners or for people who don’t play very often. It’s affordable, to say the least.

But the big problem with the paddle is that it’s made out of wood instead of plastic like modern paddles are. Wooden paddles are known for being heavy, however, this one isn’t as heavy as most wooden paddles are. It comes in at 10 oz which is definitely heavy, but there are some wooden paddles that get up to 15 oz in weight. If you end up loving pickleball, I guarantee that you will find yourself upgrading your paddle very quickly.

Luxury pickleball set option

Rally Graphite 2.0 Pro Set (Check prices)

  • 4 Rally Graphite Power 2.0 paddles
  • 1 Pickleball Central Portable Net System
  • 1 net bag
  • 4 indoor JUGS balls
  • 1 roll of court tape
  • Rulebook
  • Duffel bag

The set is the best of the best. If you want one of the highest quality pickleball sets available, this is the one. I recommend this for players who are going to be playing with this set often and are serious or semi-serious about pickleball.

This is what I call the luxury set. Everything in this set is going to be the highest quality and will set you up for the long term. The net is great, the balls are great, the bag is great and even the paddles are good! 

The other cool thing about this set is that it comes with a duffel bag! I used to use this bag. It’s great.

pickleball duffle bag

You can fit 7-8 paddles in there if you want. All the items (excluding the net obviously) will fit into this bag. That way when you’re storing this net, you only have two bags to worry about.

The Rally Graphite Power 2.0 power is a polymer core paddle with a graphite face. What this translates to is that the paddle will feel soft, but will also feel explosive when you smash the ball. Polymer cores with graphite faces is a pretty common combination that you see in the pickleball world. In terms of weight, the paddle averages around 8 oz. It depends on your level of strength, but 8 oz is considered to be an upper midweight paddle. Basically, it will be heavier than most paddles out there. Most people like their paddle weights to be around 7.6-7.8 oz, but if you’re OK with an 8 oz paddle then it should be fine.

The paddle construction is decent. I have heard of some people having issues after a year of use. But other than that they’re fine.

Overall, the set is high quality and is the best option as long as you don’t mind the high price. Try searching around a bit to find the best deal.

Paddle bundles

Now it’s time to move on to the paddle bundles. As I said earlier, this is by far the most popular option for most people. If you have another person that wants to get into pickleball with you, buying a paddle bundle is a great option, especially for spouses. All you have to do is show up to the open play location with your paddles and shoes and you’re good to go!

Barrett’s #1 all-around paddle bundle pick

Selkirk NEO Composite Bundle (Check prices)

  • 2 Selkirk NEO paddles
  • 4 pickleballs

This is, by far, my favorite paddle bundle. Selkirk is one of the leading manufacturers of pickleball paddles in the world and makes top-shelf products. Although the Selkirk NEO is one of their cheaper options, it will work well for you if you’re a beginner. The paddle has a standard polymer core, but it has a composite face. This is probably what makes the paddle so cheap. Again, if you’re looking to get into pickleball with your spouse or friend then this will give you a great start. But don’t expect these paddles to last forever. It’s likely that after a year or so you will be upgrade to a better one.

The NEO is a bit heavier than most beginner paddles, but it’s about right for most advanced paddles. The typical weight average is around 7.8 oz. This is perfect for stronger players who want to be quick, yet powerful on the court. The paddle is also USAPA approved in case you play in some tournaments.


Rally Tyro 2 Pro Bundle (Check prices)

  • 2 Rally Tyro 2 Pro paddles
  • 4 Dura Fast 40 outdoor balls
  • 2 paddle covers

This paddle is a bit different than the one that I talked about in the Rally Tyro set above. These paddles are the new and improved versions of the Rally Tyro 2 and are USAPA approved. This means that you can use them in official USAPA sanctioned tournaments. More importantly, the weight of these paddles is in the sweet zone that most people like which is around 7.6-7.8 ounces.

This set is another great option to get you off to a solid start.

Best bundle for absolute beginners

Paddletek Phoenix LTE Bundle (Check prices)

  • 2 Paddletek Phoenix LTE paddles
  • 4 pickleballs
  • 1 small paddle bag

This is an option that I recommend for absolute beginners. The paddle itself, the Paddletek Phoenix LTE is the one paddle that I recommend to complete beginners the most. It’s a solid, lightweight paddle that is great to use when learning the game. The weight of the Phoenix LTE comes in around 7.1 oz making it a viable option for everyone, regardless of skill, age, or strength.

Along with 2 paddles you also get 4 pickleballs. These balls are standard Dura Fast 40 outdoor balls. They feel really hard when you hit them, but they’re also standard for most outdoor tournaments. This bundle also comes with a cool little bag to hold the balls in. You could fit the paddles in there as well.

This set is also great for kids. Whenever I see my nieces, I typically have a few pickleball paddles for them to play with. We’ll go outside and hit the ball around for fun. They love it. But it’s even more fun for them to use this paddle considering how light it is. In terms of age, this paddle works great for kids aged up to 12-13. Beyond that, they’ll probably need a heavier paddle.