PKP Ep. 72 – How To Play Against Racquetball, Table Tennis, Badminton And Tennis Players

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One of the unique aspects of pickleball is that there are so many different types of athletes who have come into the game and love it! But for people who haven’t played racket sports before, this can be challening. In this episode, Jana and I break down all of the different types of racket sport athletes, how to spot them and how to beat them!

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  1. I loved this episode especially since I have played all of these sports (Squash excluded) at least to an intramural level throughout my life until I finally found pickleball! So it was interesting to hear another persons perspective on how others may perceive my techniques I have drawn from other sports.

    The sport I grew up with was Table Tennis. Even as soon as I could look over the edge of the table, my Dad had a paddle in my hand teaching me to return the ball. My Dad at 77 is still a professional referee and coach and corrects even me when I inadvertently refer to it as “Ping Pong.” It is “Table Tennis.”
    One thing I would add to the Table Tennis discussion is that, Table Tennis players may excel at fast net volleys. Unless you are confident you are faster than they are, “avoid the fast net volleys with the Table tennis players.” This is especially true because of the vicious backhand snap that you talked about in the podcast.

    I just learned this sport a year ago and I have followed you the whole way!

    Steady Barrett and Spunky Jana!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Post

      Thanks, Andy! Thanks for following for so long, we really appreciate it. We were wondering if table tennis people prefer ping pong or table tennis. Whoops! Yes, those backhand snaps are brutal!

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