PKP Ep. 1 – Welcome to the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast!

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Welcome to the first episode of the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast! This is the first episode and I’m so excited to have you!

Things you’ll learn today:

  • Who I am and what this podcast is all about
  • All about the third drop shot and why it’s important
  • A brief explanation of the most popular paddle cores and the differences

Summary: This is the first episode of PKP and I’m so excited to have you! Today, I’m going to be telling you about who I am, why I’ve created this podcast and how it can help you. First, I’ll explain how the podcast is structured. Next, we’ll be talking about the third drop shot and why it’s important. Or is it? Then finally, I’ll briefly talk about the most popular types of paddles cores and what the differences are between them. Thank you so much for listening!

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