PKP Ep. 006 – How To Start Your Own Pickleball Venue w/ Heather Canny

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Learn what you need to know in order to start up your own Pickleball location in the latest episode of the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast. Today, I’m talking with Heather Canny, Family Life Director at First United Methodist Church in Richardson, TX, a suburb northeast of Dallas. She’s been coordinating pickleball at the church for awhile now and has a lot of experience on how to coordinate a wonderful pickleball experience for all ages and skill levels.

First United Methodist Church of Richardson:


  • What you should expect before starting out
  • What you need to know to get started in your own pickleball venue
  • The difficulty of splitting up advanced players and beginners
  • How to deal with people who have bad tempers

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  1. Hello Barrett,
    I’ve listened to all your podcast to date and love what you are doing. This podcast with Heather Canny today was so enlightening, I live and play pickleball in Shreveport, LA about 3 hrs east of the FUMC of Richardson, TX. After listening to Heather explain her system and the difficulty of splitting up advanced players and beginners its clear to me now our church pickleball program needs to incorporate some of Heather’s policies that she talked about on your show today. I plan on drive over one Saturday to visit, play and observe how she implement her policies. Thanks again for a job well done on your podcast and look forward to meet you when I come to visit FUMCR.

    1. Post

      Hi Jack,

      I really appreciate your comments and I’m so grateful that you went through all my podcasts. I hope they’ve been helpful!

      Heather is amazing. We’re very grateful for her. Her methodology works well, but it’s also continually improving. Please let me know when you visit. Email me here: [email protected]. There may be a Saturday this month when I’m not there, so I want to make sure that I’m there when you are.

      Is there anything that you would like to hear about on the podcast? I’m always looking for new ideas.

      Looking forward to meeting you, and thank you again!

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