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It’s time for a head start


If you’re not already aware, I have tons of content available to you for free. There’s a lot, so I know it can be overwhelming. Below are some of the best resources that I’ve picked out for you. Don’t worry, we’ll be getting into most of this in the weeks to come. Bookmark this page. You can come back any time to click more stuff!

Best articles for beginners

Here are links to some of the best articles on my site for beginners. I would read them in order.

  1. What Is Pickleball? All Of Your Burning Questions Answered!
  2. How To Get Started In Pickleball: A Beginner’s Guide
  3. The Rules Of Pickleball – Everything You Need To Know
  4. How Expensive Is The Pickleball Hobby?
  5. Getting A Handle On It: How And Where To Hold A Pickleball Paddle
  6. Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners

Pickleball Kitchen Podcast

Another type of media that I produce content regularly on is the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast. I’ve picked out three for you that I think will help enormously. But if you want to see the whole list, you can subscribe on your phone or go here to check it out. There are plenty of other podcasts out there as well that do a great job and deserve a listen.

PKP Ep. 8 – Getting An Easy Start In Pickleball (Skip to 4:45)

PKP Ep. 21 – Serving and Return Serving

PKP Ep. 18 – Common Beginner Mistakes And How To Fix Them


As you’d expect, I’ve also got plenty of video content for you to go through as well. You can go here to check out my YouTube channel.

I hope this page has helped you to get a good head start on pickleball. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be! Everything will make sense as the emails come in and as you begin to play more.

Now get out there and play and I will talk to you soon!